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186 pages with 121 color illustrations

The second edition of the book “Luftfedern in Nutzfahrzeugen, which was issued in 2002 is now written in English to reach a larger number of readers.


All modern coaches and busses and most trucks are equipped with airsprings. After reading this book the communication between the automotive engineer and the air spring design engineer will be easier so that they will better understand each others work.


The air spring design engineer will learn about the basics of chassis design and driving dynamics and the automotive engineer will learn about the basics of air spring design.



Hans Joachim Pahl studied automotive engineering at Hannover University and worked a couple of years as a design engineer with a medium sized company, which specialized in special purpose vehicles – mainly heavy duty trucks for oil fields and airfield fire engins.

For 15 years he worked in the R&D department and as a product developer with ContiTech Luftfedersysteme GmbH, a leading air spring manufacturer in Europe. In 2002 he was publicly appointed and sworn-in by the chamber of engineers of lower saxony as an expert for vehicle technology.